Thursday, August 25, 2011

Delhi in the Time of Anna

On the flight I chat with a woman who works with ONGC, in finance. She's deeply sympathetic to the Lokpal campaign. She cites problems ONGC faces because it's a government organisation. Like, it has been headless for months, despite being one of the nation's most valuable companies.
"The stay on appointing a Chairman is coming straight from the PMO, so don't tell me Manmohan Singh is not corrupt. People say he could not control Raja because of coalition politics; but why can't he control this kind of thing in his own office?"
She tells me ONGC hired expensive rigs from Reliance, because Reliance had hired them and had no use for them. ONGC has no use for them either, but is now picking up the tab instead of Reliance.
This is all, of course, hearsay.
In the Delhi metro, on the streets, in cars, I see people carrying the tricolour and wearing Gandhi topis inscribed with Anna Hazare's name. Drivers can talk of little else, since they've faced Anna-related traffic jams for days.
Yesterday, I took the Metro to Chandni Chowk, and then back to Gurgaon. I was in a hurry and very tired when I got off at HUDA City Centre, and in no mood to haggle with rickshaws, so I agreed to pay the driver a ridiculous sum for the short drive to my destination. He said, "Our union forced us to strike today in support of Anna. I've only plied this auto from 6pm, so I have to overcharge today."


Unknown said...

Equating Anna with cholera is a superb example of sarcasm, but equating Delhi with love is beyond farce, surely? :)

Laxmi Varde said...

Well it is the trickle down effect.
What do you expect that the common mam won't suffer?
The lesson is the same everywhere, just as as children learn by example no matter what what you teach them, if the govt is so totally corrupt the common man learns by example. Some thinking individuals who can literally speaking afford to think for themselves try and come up against a wall.
Instinctively people and the common man are not "corrupt"most often they have no choice. One hopes a strong lokpal will give the common man a choice!

DS said...

: ) Second Ashish. : )

Also "like"d by Girish Shahane, Naresh Fernandes and 16 others .... is this union enforced ? :)))

Girish Shahane said...

DS, it's actually Blogger enforced. Once somebody clicks like on the blog as a whole, every post is said to be liked by that person