Saturday, March 31, 2012

Logic, Arundhati Roy style

The Booker Group owned most of the sugar industry in British Guiana before it became the independent nation of Guyana. The Booker Group is well known as a sponsor (now replaced by the Man Group) of the Booker Prize, which Arundhati Roy accepted in 1997. The Booker Group ruthlessly exploited indentured labourers in the 19th century, which makes Arundhati Roy and all winners of the Booker Prize complicit in that exploitation, and probably in the Caribbean slave trade as well.
If you like syllogistic reasoning of this kind, mixed with non-sequiturs, apples-and-oranges comparisons, factual errors and conspiracy theories, you'll love the 10,700 odd words of Arundhati Roy's Capitalism: A Ghost Story, which I got round to reading today.

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