Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bombay: Urban Planning Basket Case 4

Bombay has the worst ratio of open spaces to population of any city in the world, and yet the municipal corporation's new twenty year plan envisages highrises colonising many of the remaining protected areas. As a way to enhance green spaces, the corporation's report has proposed 'community skygardens' on rooftops. Which means, I will need to take a lift to the top of a skyscraper, walk around the terrace, take a lift down and walk to the next skyscraper and repeat the process. After visiting ten such towers, I will have had my daily walk in the park. Of course, the towers will be private property, which means I won't have permission to go up in the first place.
If you liked the idea of skywalks, you'll love skygardens. And all the other pie in the sky plans the BMC produces while turning Bombay over parcel by parcel, deregulation by deregulation, to greedy builders who have bought every political party in the state.


Banno said...

And of course, there will be no place at all for the poor. People like us may be allowed in, one way or the other, maybe with monthly passes.

DS said...

My husband says he's becoming a Gandhian. He wants to quit India.