Wednesday, December 30, 2009

PVR messes up its online booking

We first booked tickets for Avatar over a week ago through the PVR Cinemas website. On reaching PVR Phoenix, I got the physical tickets, which read 'Avatar (2-D)'. Interested only in the 3-D version, we returned home without seeing the film. The man at the counter managed to resell our tickets, but we lost out on the online booking fee and the time and money spent to get to and from Phoenix mills. The PVR site, I discovered once I was back at my computer, offers two options, one for 'Avatar (3-D)' and one for plain old 'Avatar'. When both options are available, most people would notice the varying entries and choose the one they prefer. However, since the three dimensional version is the more popular one, it gets booked up fast, leaving only one Avatar in the drop box with no accompanying information.
I wrote my usual letter of protest but, as expected, the PVR people have neither acknowledged it nor rectified the problem. I now wonder if it was simply incompetence on their part or something more sinister. They might deliberately be luring clients into buying tickets for the less popular form of Avatar, assuming that most will opt to see it rather than make a second trip.


jaimit said...

its always the case...unless you are ready to create a scene and present yourself as a pain point... Caveat Emptor.

hopefully PVR has a PR agency that has a google alert on itself and is empowered to do something...sigh... horses will fly

Unknown said...

hi girish, there are many more problems with PVR. I had an issue with random pricing of tickets. They never put the cost of tickets at the booking centre. I had a lodged a formal complaint too but nothing much has happened.

But i did act like a pain and caugght the manager - Anirudh Curpad (90043 90943). i think you should talk to him and put forth your problem.

Girish Shahane said...

Thanks, Suyash, will do that next time.