Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Election flip-flops

This election campaign, largely bereft of issues, is turning into a series of shoot first, mumble later episodes. Here are some positions taken by leaders and then renounced or modified.

L K Advani: We will renegotiate the nuclear deal.
We cannot disregard an international agreement.

Manmohan Singh: The Left is always on the wrong side of history.
I have high regard for leaders of the Left parties.

Sharad Pawar: A Maharashtrian should get a chance to be Prime Minister.
I don't have the numbers.

Karunanidhi: Prabhakaran is a good friend.
One cannot forget that the LTTE was behind Rajiv Gandhi's assassination.

Pranab Mukherjee: Lalu will find it difficult to even become a minister because he is with nobody.
Lalu is part of the UPA, my broken Hindi created the confusion.

Varun Gandhi: I will cut off their hands.
Non-violence is my religion.


individuel said...

You read Hindustan Times, don't you?

Girish Shahane said...

Yes, why? Was there an identical piece this morning? If so, I missed it, sorry, I realise it's not a particularly original post in any case.

individuel said...

No, no.. I just realised all the headlines are from HT, so I asked to check..

Good post, as always.