Friday, January 9, 2009


Over fifty hours after Ramalinga Raju confessed to carrying out the biggest fraud in Indian corporate history, the police have yet to pop across to his house and question the man, let alone arrest him. They say they are waiting for a complaint. Funny thing is, anytime people arrange a party, cops land up at 11pm and inform the organisers that playing loud music isn't allowed after 10.30. Those who enquire if anyone's complained are informed rudely that the authorities can act even in the absence of complaints. Then negotiations start over the amount of cash or booze to be handed over before the partying can begin again.
I suppose Raju has sent negotiators to police headquarters in advance.


Unknown said...

LOL...Indian Bureaucratic Red Tape.....

Interestingly...came across following copy in a recruitment ad for a ahem...SOFTWARE FIRM!

Sure we have Red tape...

You will find it in our stationary section

Can't remember the name..!! :(

Anonymous said...

And did the cops at JJ need a complaint to arrest Kasab when he was brought there injured ?? But i must say i am darned surprised Raju chose ( and i use that word deliberately) to get arrested on a friday night, knowing that a bail app. could be moved only on monday. Maybe he's truly penitent ! S Anand