Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The difference two days can make

Technical analyst Ashwani Gujral on CNBC-TV18, January 11:
"Banking you would actually try to enter because that has been smashed up because of rate hike fears and that has not done as well. You will probably book out of metals and move that money into interest rates sensitive ... Unitech at Rs 80 is a good stock, it could get upto Rs 110... Banking has stopped falling so that is probably an indication that sooner or later you will have an upswing even in banking. Maybe it will start the day the rate hike is announced because all of those stocks have underperformed for a bit so you tend to sell the out performers and in terms of sector rotation get into spaces which have not done so well.”
Ashwani Gujral 11 01 2010

Gujral on CNBC-TV18, January 13:
“Unitech will have great trouble getting pass Rs 96. So, I don’t think interest rate sensitive has the juice to get into them. Autos, banks, realty need to be avoided for the moment."


jaimit said...

1. you watch a news channel .2. that one happens to be a financial news channel .3. OMG its CNBC .4. its not on mute .5. you tune into a technical analyst!!! .6. is it that guy with the hideous scarf around his neck. .7. you dont learn and watch it over two days .8. you actually recollect what he said .9. you compare the two

GS - you are guilty on 9 points. its YOU.

Anonymous said...

That has to be the most awesome comment ever and every point was bulls eye ! s anand

Girish Shahane said...

Jaimit, SA, it is true I watch that channel more than I should, but in this case I happened to be looking up news about Unitech and the two conflicting items popped up in close proximity.

DS said...

jaimit,,,thats really funny! he recollects and remembers is what amazed me as well....:)