Monday, February 2, 2009

The Slumdogs Bite Back

This, I promise, is my last post about Preity Zinta. A week ago, I'd written about her criticism of slums in Bombay. On Saturday night, the actress celebrated turning 34 with a party at her home in Bandra. The noise, apparently, was too much for some of her less privileged neighbours, who complained to the police and eventually succeeded in getting the music shut down. It seems to have been a reprisal complaint. One of those who protested, Irfan Shaikh, had this to say:"Whenever there is music or programmes in the slum areas, these people in big buildings complain against us and we have to shell out large fines. We also get disturbed and so we complained to the police".
I've mentioned, in a previous post, how vigilant Bombay's police are regarding party music. There's money to be made from them birthday bashes. Since the DJ at Zinta's was allowed to keep spinning till 2am, I suspect the police paid the actress an early visit and conducted intricate cost-per-minute negotiations.

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